The best your skin can be…

In 2008, Cosmetic Chemist, Wendy Reiner took the first steps in creating a range of skincare that delivered fast visible results for her stubborn sensitive skin.

Not only did Wendy live with the frustrations of blemish prone skin in her mid-thirties, she was also showing the signs of premature ageing. Wendy attempted to address her skin concerns with readily available products, this left her feeling frustrated after trying countless products that failed her expectations.

Wendy found herself on a journey to construct a range of cosmeceutical formulations that nurtured her skin.

She drew on her previous fifteen years of experience in the paramedical industry to unpack the makings of a reliable well-balanced range of active skincare. Following much research and testing, BALENSE® was founded.

If you’re not born with it, Wendy believes the key to beautiful looking skin is using an active range of skincare whose cornerstone foundation is based on the synergy between Slow-Release Delivery Technology and High Performance Active Ingredients.

So unique it had to be patented

This Award-Winning skincare range has been granted patents in Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The BALENSE Water Story

Purified Australian Rainfall

Australia is considered one of the world cleanest and greenest islands in the world making its produce and products some of the purest and most sort after.

The primary ingredient in BALENSE® is water which is harnessed directly from our very own Australian sky.

Queensland rainfall feeds some of Australia’s greatest tropical rainforests and our country’s major food growing regions. BALENSE® calls Queensland home and chooses to use purified South East Queensland rainfall rather than drawing on the local water resources.

SMH Article

This woman sold her house for your skin

And now she’s taking her unique pimple cream to the world.

They say necessity is the mother of invention and that’s certainly true for Wendy Reiner, founder of a new range of anti-pimple products, Balense Skin. She’s hoping the product will be able to win a sizeable share of the $3.6 billion cosmetics and toiletries market in Australia.

It was her own experience that led to the creation of the product. At the age of 33, Reiner woke up one day with horrendous acne, which progressively worsened, to the point where she felt someone had stolen her face.

With her self-esteem plummeting and her marriage falling apart she spent more than $6000 over the next 12-months seeking professional help to solve her problems. Despite trying every product on the market, as well as drugs and hardcore antibiotics, nothing worked.

Then, after the sudden death of her father, Reiner was struck by the brevity of life and became determined to find a solution for her acne.

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