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What is ‘time-release delivery’?

  • 23 July, 2018

Firstly, let’s break it down: essentially a ‘delivery system’ is what delivers the active ingredients in your skincare products into your skin, where they can penetrate the dermis and get to work. A ‘time-release’ delivery system goes a huge step further by delivering actives and then releasing them slowly and constantly deeper within the skin.


Quite simply, this increased penetration and prolonged release equals enhanced results. Think of it a little like watering a garden – you could give it a quick water with a hose, or you could use a sprinkler with nutrient-rich water and let it hydrate and nourish the garden all day, allowing water and nutrients to penetrate deeper.


Balense uses a unique time-release Hyaluronic Acid delivery system to drip-feed ingredients to the skin around the clock. This makes your skincare work harder for you as the skin consistently absorbs actives and antioxidants as needed.



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