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HylaTech® Active Delivery2019-09-26T23:52:09+10:00

HylaTech® Active Delivery

Based on advanced Hyaluronic Acid delivery Technology, BALENSE® provides superior slow-release delivery of hydration and active ingredients on the skin for enhanced and prolonged visible results.

The cross-linking structure of BALENSE® HylaTech Active Delivery technology permits up to five times the hydration capacity of single strand Hyaluronic Acid. BALENSE® has been granted patents in Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Cosmeceutical Ingredients2021-04-21T10:26:36+10:00

Cosmeceutical Ingredients

These are hand-picked, high performance, science-based ingredients that provide enhanced cosmetic changes to the appearance of the skin. BALENSE® combines these with its unique HylaTech Active Delivery technology for fast long-lasting visible results.

Liquid Crystal Matrix – Not Just a Cream!2021-04-21T10:26:45+10:00

What is Liquid Crystal Matrix – Not Just a Cream!

Derived from wheat proteins, BALENSE® formulations contain lipid fractions together with proteins and carbohydrates that fit perfectly to the skin layer. The hydrophilic fraction from hydrolyzed proteins restores the structural balance of the moisturizing skin factor.

This strengthens the skin barrier and prevents trans epidermal water loss. It leaves the skin fresh and smooth with an extraordinary moisturised sensation.

Fragrance Free2021-04-21T10:25:46+10:00

Fragrance Free

Cosmetic Chemist, Wendy Reiner, believes that unless an ingredient either provides a skin benefit or functions to stabilise a formulation as it has no business being in the BALENSE® range.

Prone to sensitivities herself, Wendy personally rejects products that contain fragrance. “Performance skincare is leaps and bounds above the average cosmetics, so its really important to make sure that formulations remain stable and deliver the best combination of ingredients to the skin”, says Wendy.

Sulphate Free2021-04-21T10:25:55+10:00

Sulphate Free

BALENSE® puts your skin first and uses betaine, which is derived from beetroot, for cleansing your delicate skin. Using traditional sulphate-based cleansers can result in drying out your skin at the very first and most important step of your skincare routine.

Sulphate molecules bind with skin proteins that promote that tight, dry, red and itchy sensation that often happens after cleansing.

Ethical Skincare Standards2021-04-21T10:26:05+10:00

Ethical Skincare Standards

By choosing BALENSE®, you are making a mindful decision to transform your skin using ethical standards.

  • Paraben and Sulphate Free
  • No Animal Testing
  • Vegan Friendly – we endeavor to produce vegan products where possible
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Biodegradable Beads to protect our marine life and waterways

We recommend using only BALENSE® products in combination, to ensure the synergistic action of ingredients on the skin for maximum visible results.

BALENSE Long-Term Skin Benefits2021-04-21T10:25:22+10:00

BALENSE Long-Term Skin Benefits

BALENSE® delivers optimal hydration and high-performance ingredients to provide you with long-term skin benefits.

During the day your skin experiences environmental stress from UV penetration, dehydration, free radicals, pollution and more, which potentially lead to damaged skin.

This damage slows the skin’s natural repair rhythm, which can cause the signs of ageing and skin concerns to quickly become visible.

BALENSE® enhances the appearance of the skin by delivering superior active ingredients to the skin when following our simple 4 step system: Cleanse, Activate, Hydrate and Protect. BALENSE® allows you to choose formulations for your individual skin type, target specific concerns and balance moisture levels.

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