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The Balense Story

Personal experience with problem skin became the driving force behind the Balense solution, writes Balense founder and formulator, Wendy Reiner.

Despite being an experienced skin therapist, and now the proud creator of Balense, I struggled with achieving clear skin like many others. I am prone to blemishes and am now at an age where retaining a youthful appearance is also important to me.

The frustration of trying different cosmetics and expensive skin care programs without lasting, visible results took a toll on my self-worth, body image and my credit card. The shelf on my bathroom vanity began to bow under the weight of skin care products that I had accumulated, all in the hope of improving the appearance of my skin. After years of using products that didn’t deliver, you might say I was suffering from “product promise” fatigue!

As an adult, regular breakouts were not only physically painful, they were also embarrassing. I searched high and low for a product that didn’t leave my skin dry and looking irritated. I was at a point where I accepted that breakouts were just meant to be a part of my life.


I found typical “anti-ageing” cosmetics too heavy for my sensitive, blemish-prone skin, they also increased the appearance of my breakouts. I felt like I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I could not find a skin care range that cared enough about my skin.

Then, during a particularly bad breakout in my mid 30’s, one of my immediate family members passed away suddenly. I was left wondering about the fragility of life and what I was doing with my own. I decided to take all my tertiary learnings and my experience and unpack the skin care puzzle for myself. And so, Balense was born.

I was so impressed with my own visible results that I had to share this with the rest of the world.

I took the opportunity to hand pick active skin care ingredients that are clinically proven to promote clear, beautiful and younger looking skin. An Australian Professor of Dermatology reported on our skin trial testing and our results were so impressive we just had to patent Balense.

Balense is an anti-ageing range with blemish and anti-redness control for the woman (or man) who wants a refined vibrant young looking complexion.

Today Balense is a family and our beautiful team members work tirelessly in evolving a wellness company that beings with skin, where you can rely on us to support you through your journey to reclaiming self-confidence.

- Wendy Reiner, Balense Formulator


Reasons to use Balense


Paraben and Sulphate Free


Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly


Australian Made and Owned


Recyclable Packaging


Marine Friendly


Preservative Free