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Identify Your Perfect Skincare Type


At 33 years of age, Wendy could not find skincare products that could nurture her blemished appearance and fight the visible signs of ageing.

“I have always taken care of my skin, but I found myself at a time in my life where I was concerned not only about the long-term scarring that the acne could have on my appearance, but also the effects of ageing and environmental damage on my skin.”

“I was also entering a phase in my life where anti-ageing skin care was becoming increasingly important to me.”

“My bathroom vanity was full of disappointment in the form of products that over promised and under delivered in my search for a product that I could trust.

I wanted to put my faith in a brand that understood my concerns simply because my skin’s appearance and youthfulness is precious to me.”

“Finally I realised that to find the results I wanted, I had to design a product to meet the needs of sensitive skin.”

Gathering on her wealth of knowledge from working in medicine, the beauty industry and studying formulations, Wendy created products that finally made a difference to her skin. It was transformational!

The original Balense range has since extended to a full suite of products covering all skin types and is patented in Australia, UK and USA.

Today the Balense range has launched onto the world stage and is rivalling even the biggest brands with high-performance formulas that deliver real, visible results.

July 30th, 2018 | Skincare