“Since converting to Balense I have noticed a huge change in my skin when it comes to hydration. I have always suffered from really dehydrated and sensitive skin and I have tried numerous products but nothing has seemed to work as effectively as Balense has. The texture of my skin is amazing and I look forward to using my products every day.”

~ Tika ~

“I have been using Balense for a few months now and my skin feels amazing. It not only feels great but I am constantly getting compliments on how my skin looks. My son has started using the cleanser as he gets acne and it is starting to clear up and not look so angry, we have tried everything and this is the best we have used.”

~ Shandel~

“I read the article in The Age and bought the product for my daughter. After using it for three days she said to me “Mum, I am so excited, I am going out and I hardly have any make up on”. I then put my son onto it, and I’m now using it myself. I have to buy more cleanser because we are fighting over it.”

~ Meg B ~

“I am in my 40’s and have always had a concern with pigmentation. I recently tried the Brighten pack and have been really impressed with the results! My skin tone has significantly improved and looks a lot more even now and I feel hydrated all day long. I will certainly be using this as part of my cleansing routine from now on!”

~ Sue –

“This is a sincere thank you – unlucky for me in my 50’s experiencing pimples for the first time and I was very uncomfortable. The product is absolutely wonderful, it really does make a huge difference, my skin is great, clear and bright again. We lived in Dubai for two years and many expat women experienced breakouts and skin issues, many of whom were unable to rectify with commercial, readily available product. This product would have been a godsend for many women I met there. Thanks again, to have a product do what it says is wonderful. Cheers”

~ Penny V ~

“My 18 your old son has been suffering with bad breakouts for years. He tried many products. Then he tried the Spot Control Serum. In a matter of days he had noticed a great visible improvement in just one week he had noticed he had at least a 90% reduction in the appearance of pimples. He’s very happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone suffering with breakouts.”

~ Jane ~

“I have been using the Balense skin care range for three weeks and I LOVE IT! I have already seen fantastic changes! My skin has always been to sensitive for exfoliants, and very congestion prone! Now I can exfoliate as much as my skin needs and my breakouts have changed instantly! Over the years, I have tried and used over six different skin care ranges and I finally have the glowing and radiant skin I have always dreamed of. Who doesn’t love having a pimple then sleeping overnight in the spot control serum and waking up to see the pimple gone! If you haven’t tried the Balense range you need to get onto it now! I wish I discovered this years ago!”

~ Courtney A ~

“I have seen a dramatic change in the brightness, clarity and overall tone of my skin. The retinol serum is not irritating and gives me a smooth, refined feel to my skin along with relieving my congestion through the T-zone. I normally hate sunscreens as they are too thick and feel greasy under makeup but after using the Balanse UV Defiance 50+ I have never looked back. It honestly feels so light and I now use it as my primer before my makeup. I have used many skin routines and products over the years but I have to say the Balanse skincare range outdoes them all in less than two weeks I have seen these amazing results!”

~ Prue ~

“In just two weeks my skin looks so good, I cant believe it. My skin feels smooth, it’s colour is even, my pores look smaller, I look fresh and really hydrated. People keep asking me what I have done to my skin.”

~ Amber ~

“I noticed a visible difference in 24hrs, and my partner started to notice my skin looking clearer after three days. I love these products and much happier and using less makeup.”

~ Alicia ~