Skincare routines vary from morning to night and of course – from person to person. As you develop a routine, you consider your age, skin type and concerns. Seasons and serums may change, moisturisers may be mixed up, but all regimens start with cleansing.


Daily facial cleansing is essential priming for your morning and night skincare. After a long day, it is a purifying ritual. You wash away the dirt and irritants that your skin has been exposed to throughout the day. Now that you have unclogged pores and removed pollutants, your skin is a clean slate.

If you thought an evening cleanse was enough, we want to remind you that while you’re fast asleep, your skin is not! Some people mistakenly believe that there is no dirt to wash away after a good night’s sleep – but there are dead skin cells, excess oil and sweat to remove! While your eyes are closed, your skin is super active and cell turnover increases dramatically. To start the day fresh, you need the AM cleanse.

Most importantly, cleansing isn’t just about having clean skin. It’s about maximising the effects of your skincare. If you don’t properly cleanse and purify your skin, you are not allowing active serums and moisturisers to penetrate and work their magic.

There are two different cleansing experiences that we all need to incorporate into our skin regimens. We need to gently cleanse the skin and we need to resurface the skin through exfoliation.

At Balense, we have our Gentle Hydrating Cleanser which we recommend using daily, morning and night. We also offer two different treatment cleansers and we suggest using one of these up to 3 times per week. These two products exfoliate the skin and target different skin concerns. Continue reading to see which of the cleansers you will incorporate into your skincare regimen.


Like a dress that is a one-size-fits-all, our Hydrating Gentle Cleanser is the skincare staple every person needs. We recommend this to every person as it is effective for all skin types and concerns. Our daily pH balancing face wash is formulated with super hydrating and anti-inflammatory nutrients derived from beetroot extract, blue green algae and hyaluronic acid, providing the ultimate purifying experience. It is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and can be used around the eye area. We recommend using AM and PM for optimal smoothing results.


For best results, cleanse once in the morning and twice in the evening. This cleanser is a great all rounder and can even be used around the delicate eye area to remove makeup.


Our Jojoba Exfoliating Cleanser is designed to treat acne and oily skin. It can be used up to 3 times a week and is a treatment cleanser that leaves skin radiant and hydrated, through physical exfoliation. Our Jojoba Polishing Spheres contain salicylic acid, targeting skin impurities and decongestion. Continued use will revitalise and reveal a glowing complexion by controlling oil production and targeting acne. Breakouts be gone!


Apply to damp skin and massage for a minute or two avoiding the eye area, then remove with warm water.


Our Skin Resurfacing Cleanser can be used up to 3 times per week and is the all-rounder treatment cleanser that works as an enzymatic exfoliant. It targets pigmentation and ageing skin . With dual functions, it resurfaces the skin by gently removing dead skin cells and rejuvenates with a brightening and hydrating formula.


Apply to damp skin and massage for 2 – 3 minutes, avoiding the eye area. This allows time for the enzymes to seamlessly remove the dead skin-cells, leaving the skin silky smooth. Remove with warm water.

We hope that this cleansing breakdown has helped you discover which products will help you achieve and maintain clean, smooth skin. And on a final friendly note, don’t forget to cleanse morning and night!