Say Goodbye to Pigmentation


When it comes to our eternal quest for a bright and even complexion, pigmentation is the number one enemy. Pigmentation is a skin concern that does not discriminate and affects all age groups and skin tones. Hyperpigmentation refers to skin darkening, and hypopigmentation refers to areas that become lighter and is less common. Thankfully, there are preventative measures to take and treatments we recommend. All you need is a lot of patience for dullness and discolouration to be gone!

If There’s One Thing Standing In The Way Of Your Glow, It’s Likely To Be Pigmentation. We Are Talking About Those Dark Spots That concealer Can Hardly Disguise!


When it comes to hyperpigmentation, there is an excess production of melanin that causes patches of skin to darken. This results in those pesky brown sunspots and post acne dark marks that remain even after the skin has healed. And then there’s melasma, a hormonal form of pigmentation that is a consequence of pregnancy, contraception and fertility treatment. Melasma usually surfaces on the forehead and upper lip.

If you notice your freckles become darker after being outdoors, that’s a result of melanin production stimulated by UV rays. The sun is not always our friend – especially when it comes to pigmentation. To further complicate, pigmentation is not always instant. On a rather shocking note, sun damage can take ten years to reveal itself! While sun exposure is the main cause of skin discolouration, we cannot exclude pollution, genetics and hormones.


Never leave the house without SPF no matter the season. Not only does our UV Defiance SPF 50+ Lotion prevent pigmentation, it also stops existing brown spots from darkening further. It’s an essential in the battle against pigmentation. To maximise protection, you can use our Vitamin C Concentrate underneath your sunscreen to protect skin from free radicals like pollution.

There are two ways to treat pigmentation – and both complement one another. Corrective skincare products and clinical treatments with a dermal aesthetician are effective ways to correct pigmentation. We refer our customers to Australian Skin Clinics for resurfacing treatments including cosmelan.


To effectively target discolouration, we recommend our Brightening Serum Concentrate which has the antioxidant benefits of Liquorice Root Extract. To maximise effectiveness, it works best when used together with our Brightening Moisturiser to diminish visible pigmentation and age spots. If your pigmentation is from post- acne blemish marks, add our Antioxidant Serum Concentrate to your AM Routine for a more targeted approach.

While our Hydrating Gentle Cleanser is effective for daily use, we suggest alternating with our Skin Resurfacing Cleanser up to 3 evenings per week for a deep cleansing exfoliating treatment. With dual functions, it resurfaces the skin by gently removing dead skin cells and rejuvenates with a brightening and hydrating formula. Another optional evening addition is our Retinol Renewal Serum Concentrate which accelerates cell renewal to diminish scarring and improve skin tone.

March 10th, 2021 | Skincare